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This policy applies to all products purchased in-store or online via our website (“Products”) and forms part of the Terms and Conditions which apply to your purchase of Products.  

1. Product return/warranty period

  • Carry out the 01 return or order.
  • Warranty against defects within 1 month from the date of purchase on the invoice.
  • Products purchased at the showroom The Gallery of BU Baby can be exchanged within three days of purchase.
  • Products purchased online on the BU Baby website and on e-commerce sites (e.g., Shopee) can be exchanged within 10 days from the date of purchase. (the date indicated on the purchase invoice)

2. The product conditions meet the requirements for exchanges or warranties

2.1. Products are returned or warranted when:

  • The product is unwashed and unused, with the tag still intact.
  • Errors in the seams, buttons, zippers, and fasteners, as well as in the logo, size (number), and tag; wrong material compared to the information; announcement...(Depending on the situation, we will either exchange the item or give the customer a warranty.)
  • The product meets the conditions of the product return and warranty policy.
  • Products are not damaged by external agents after purchase.
  • Goods are identified and purchased at BU's retail distributors.
2.2 Products cannot be returned or warranted when:
  • Product has been used.
  • Products beyond the time limit for return or warranty.
  • The product has no tags, is scratched or torn.
  • Products are not purchased at BU's retail distributors or BU sales channels.

2.3 The value of the exchanged product

  • The product you get in exchange will have the same or more value than the one you bought before. If the new product has a higher value, the customer needs to pay the extra amount.
  • If the exchanged product is in the combo set, it will be exchanged for the product of the corresponding value in that combo set.

3. Shipping costs for exchange or warranty products

  • In the event of a manufacturer's defect, BU will pay the two-way shipping cost based on the unit price: return the goods and receive the new shipping unit order.
  • Change according to the customer's needs: Customers pay shipping costs in both directions: they return the goods and receive back the renewed order according to the unit price of the shipping unit.

4. To return an item you purchased

4.1 If you purchased the product at BU Baby's distribution store

If you bought the product from an official BU Baby distributor, you can exchange it by contacting the distributor directly.

  • Customers have the right to exchange products that were damaged during shipping or because of flaws in the way they were made. This is the responsibility of the distributor.
  • In the process of checking the products after receiving them, if the customer detects that the product has abnormal signs, such as dirty, moldy, torn, thread loose, button loose, technical error, wrong color, etc. You mark the abnormal point (if any) and immediately notify the distributor. The distributor will bear the shipping costs of the exchange or return.
  • For goods with manufacturing flaws that can't be seen by looking at the packaging, the distributor is in charge of the return and exchange at any time.
4.2 If you purchased the product at BU Baby's store

Please directly contact BU Baby at the addresses below:

  • Showroom: The Gallery of BU Baby, 2nd floor, No. 478 Minh Khai, Vinh Tuy, Hanoi
  • Website:
  • Hotline: 096-946-3299 (based on office hours)
  • Facebook: BU Baby (*From 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily)
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