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"Community will be happier when children have fully cared for both materially and spiritually" is what BU always believes in the journey to find brand value. Therefore, not only focusing on product development throughout the years, BU has spent a lot of resources to support children in difficult circumstances. As a result, BU CONNECT was born to be a series of community activities implemented by BU Baby to build a brand to accompany social development by providing comprehensive and safe care to Vietnamese newborns.

Caring for preterm newborns - a mission going hand in hand with medical organizations

Since 2018, BU Baby has donated BU Tinie preterm-newborn-care products to thousands of premature babies through partners such as Vietnam National Children's Hospital and Saint Paul General Hospital. As a result, premature babies can move freely in clothes that fit their tiny bodies.

BU Tinie's products are used for premature babies at the Vietnam National Children's Hospital

In 2020, BU's programs were implemented more methodically when cooperating with Newborns Vietnam (NBV) - a large British NGO in Vietnam.

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between BU Baby and British NGO Newborns Vietnam

To commemorate World Prematurity Day on November 17, 2020, BU has organized many activities, including a photo exhibition on premature babies, a short film BECAUSE YOUR CHILD IS HOPE, and the Humans of SinhNon project presents the experiences of parents and professionals caring for preterm newborns to spread and raise public awareness about the importance of premature baby care.

BU Baby sponsored nearly 2,000 shirts & hats sets of BU TINIE HOPE for the Vietnam National Children's Hospital...

...and Saint Paul General Hospital in Hanoi

BU Baby and NBV intend to support all nine hospitals in the Hanoi Neonatal Network (Central Pediatric, Obstetrics and Gynecology in Hanoi, Saint Paul, Duc Giang, Dong Anh, Soc Son, Bac Thang Long, Gia Lam, Hoai Duc) as well as other hospitals with obstetrics-pediatrics departments across the country. Accordingly, BU Baby becomes the first and only garment unit with products exclusively for extremely premature babies, and these products are only for supporting medical facilities, not for commercial circulation.

Accompanying the breast milk bank project

On March 22, 2022, after four months of testing, the National Children's Hospital officially opened a breast milk bank. It is the first breast milk bank in Hanoi and the first in the country to be set up and operated at a pediatric specialist hospital.

BU Baby participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Breast Milk Bank at the Vietnam National Children's Hospital

BU is honored to accompany the National Children's Hospital in the project of developing a breast milk bank as a sponsor. BU hope that after the Breast Milk Bank officially goes into operation, it will receive more companionship from mothers, bringing the potential to save more babies' lives and ensure their healthy growth and development.

Cooperate with Sức mạnh 2000 x Nuôi Em

In April 2022, by the combination of BU Baby x Sức mạnh 2000 x Nuôi Em, BU Connect launched the project with two major activities: fundraising for school construction and raising disadvantaged children in upland areas. Our goal by 2022 is to build 01 school and nurture 50 children during the school year - which many children here dare not wish. 

Detailed information about the project will be updated on the BU Baby fanpage. 

BU Baby is committed to pioneering in creating practical values for the community. If you want to contribute to BU, contact us via email at to discuss ideas.

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