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BU Baby gives nearly 600 newborn products to H.O.P.E center

Recently, nearly 600 BU Baby newborn clothing and accessories items have been provided to newborn babies whose mothers have Covid at H.O.P.E Center - Hung Vuong Hospital. BU hopes that during the pandemic, infants will receive the best and safest care, quickly return to their loving parents' arms, and allow their mothers to treat Covid without concern.
BU Baby gives nearly 600 newborn products to H.O.P.E center

The health system in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the areas most severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, is under strain to treat and care for COVID-19 patients as thousands of new cases are reported each day. A prominent hospital in South Vietnam that specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, Hung Vuong Hospital, encountered numerous challenges as a result of the overwhelming need to care for and treat infants and expectant mothers who were sadly infected with COVID-19.

As a childcare support company, BU gave newborn clothing and accessories to the H.O.P.E Center of Hung Vuong Hospital to complement and complete the facility for newborn care and nurturing at the center so that mothers can treat Covid worry-free.

At BU, we think that in addition to creating quality products, the company needs to seek sustainable development associated with social responsibility to be trusted. The care of newborns and premature infants is of special interest to BU.

On the road to accomplish this goal, BU became the first textile and apparel partner of the Newborns Vietnam (UK) NGO in taking care of newborns, jointly researched and invented products particularly for premature babies named BU Tinie Hope with the meaning "VÌ CON LÀ HY VỌNG." By chance, this name fits Hung Vuong Hospital's H.O.P.E Center.

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