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Messages from BU's Founder

BU family story

Born from a childhood enthusiasm...

I used to play with cloth and fall asleep in my mother's pile of excess fabric scraps. It was a colorful fabric that had "fed" my childhood, such that I fell in love with cloth from that day forward with many treasured fantasies... Thoughts that my dreams would be only "past" once I left the tranquil limestone valley and moved to the city to school, work, and marriage. But... the actual narrative began when I became a mom.

Nurturing a baby as the mom...

At the time, I heard much information about the condition of poisoning in apparel, garments of unknown origin, and floating materials on the market, all of which put newborns in danger of skin irritation. I felt strange on the road to learning to be the mom, so I spent many months meticulously searching for the best materials, the softest garments, and even tiny mittens and socks that wonderfully fit but were full of love to welcome the little angel by my side. Even if I snuck into every market and alley, I couldn't locate a single item of clothing made of genuinely safe fabric, good enough apparel with certifications. In that instant, the memory of the old cloth, combined with my love for my children, drove me to pay close attention to how to sew soft and safe clothes for my baby.

The entire universe is behind me in doing what is best for my children!

My job at that time gave me daily access to global garment industry information, firsthand experience with eco-textile technology in Japan and Europe, and in-depth knowledge of garment product standards from "overcritical" countries in the world. The more I researched, the more concerned and wondered I became about the market of newborn baby clothes and accessories in Vietnam, which were diverse but each on their own, with no control, unknown origin, and non-standard. I knew I had to do something positive first and foremost for my children, Vietnamese children, and after for all children in the world in general. I suddenly remembered my mother's old fabrics, and the childhood passion rushed back to me, alive and well. And with that, BU was born.

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BU means MOM!

The first "made by BU" items are BU bibs, an "unbreakable" item that keeps the newborn baby's chest and neck warm, as well as the "effective assistant" of every Vietnamese mother. BU's first "tailor" is... the grandma and the old female neighbors - each of whom is a wonderful mom in our world. As a result, every BU product is designed from the ground up by women be passionately passionate about motherhood. Each BU design embodies the yearning of the mom who wants her kids to be protected from things even the smallest in their earliest years of life. Such is the wish, but the reality is full of difficulties and challenges because safe garments are still an unfamiliar "concept" to many Vietnamese mothers. Fortunately, in this journey, I am not alone because I have two more moms with the same BU dream – that every Vietnamese child will be able to use safe and standard garments satisfying critical international certificates!

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Keep the love

It is said that the mom's love for her child is immutable and unconditional. BU also loves children like a mother loves her children. Just her kids' smile takes away all of the mother's tiredness. The daily motivation of BU moms is just seeing our children use safe clothing and accessories. That desire has never cooled down in each of us.


BU sincerely thanks all Vietnamese parents for choosing BU as a companion to take care of their baby in the first years of life. Please rest assured, trust BU's products and solutions because that is the choice of WISE MOMS for their babies!


What BU want to say


We are committed to regularly performing the necessary tests and updating our products to meet international certificates and safety standards to provide products being safe for the baby and convenient for the mom.

BU love you!

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