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Material and product philosophy
We know your adorable baby is the most wonderful in your life. That's why at BU, we only use safe and natural materials to make our products so that your baby always feels completely comfortable. We also focus on fashion & style as much as we feature quality. BU believes you don't have to be nervous about these things for your baby. Join us to enjoy happy and safe life.
BU's main fabrics
Bambus is made from 100% Premium Bamboo yarn - a high-class bamboo fiber fabric with modern Danish production technology. Not only are Bambus basic clothes and accessories, but also healthcare products for the baby.
Buganik uses 100% Organic Cotton yarn - a safe cotton fiber created by an entirely natural farming process, without using pesticides or other chemicals throughout the growing process.
With more than 70% Bamboo composition, Bamco keeps the features of BU Bambus: absorbent, efficient heat regulation, and notably incredibly soft. Bamco is designed by BU to take care of your babies when the weather turns cold.
BU Siro is delicately combined from natural fibers that are safe for the skin and environmentally friendly, using the most modern weaving technology to create extremely soft fabrics with a durable and easy-care fiber texture.
Ponie is the signature material for BU Baby's polo line. To create Ponie, we combine Premium Bamboo and Premium Organic Cotton fibers on a classic pique fabric texture, creating a polo-standard material surface - cool and fashionable.
Muslin (original word: mousseline) is material as light as feathers, soft, porous, and highly absorbent or dries very quickly.
Product philosophy
At BU, our products are designed to fit perfectly and be compliant with children's dress requirements. Our pieces of cloth will hug your baby for a safe and cozy night's sleep. Every BU's design prioritizes the baby's safety and the mom's convenience.
Safe materials for a baby's skin in the first years of life
Convenient and quick operation in each baby's changing
Understanding baby's gestures and mom's requests in every detail, such as seams, buttons, crotch...
Suitable for all stages of a baby's development
Suitable for a wide range of weather and terrain conditions
Pioneer in the use of new materials and international safety certifications
International standards for Vietnamese babies
BU is proud to be the first brand in Vietnam to be awarded the Hohenstein Testing Institute's GENERAL SAFETY GARMENT PRODUCTS certificate for babies and children OEKO-TEX 100 class 1 (the highest level of safety). This certificate is evaluated and checked every year to ensure that the garment manufacturers always meet the rigorous standards of the Institute. As a result, your baby will be able to use international-standard Vietnamese products without fear of skin irritation or rubbing.
Designs come from the heart of a mother
With BU, our top priority is your baby's safety and comfort while dressing. BU's designs are meticulously created with smart and friendly features to make the baby feel most comfortable and at ease. Each item ensures the requirements of being easy to use, durable, excellently beautiful, and having high applicability.
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