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3 clothes absolutely should not buy for your baby

When finding costumes for children, parents often focus on the eye-catching appearance such as decorative details, colorful colors, etc. but forget the safety factor. This article will point out 03 types of clothes that parents should not buy to limit the negative impact on the baby's health.
3 clothes absolutely should not buy for your baby


Usually, parents tend to shop for clothes that are eye-catching and decorated with details such as beads, metal, etc. However, using these products can cause dangerous conditions for the baby such as: 
- Your baby may choke on these decorative details if he/she accidentally swallows them. Or it is dangerous that your baby puts them in the ears, mouth, or nose because of curiosity. 
- Some cheap products have details manufactured from compounds being harmful to our health. For example, the urea-formaldehyde resin is found in beads and beads. 


In the production process, many textile factories use the chemical formaldehyde to eliminate mold and bacteria on fabrics. And if manufacturers use a lot of these compounds, you will feel an extremely unpleasant smell emanating from the clothes. 
According to the Ministry of Health, direct contact with formaldehyde compounds will cause your skin to experience conditions such as dermatitis, allergies, and even skin necrosis. In addition, in 1981, several studies also proved that this compound could cause cancer in humans. 
If you choose products that still contain formaldehyde and the washing process does not remove this compound, it can directly affect the health of our children. In particular, the baby's skin structure is still quite vulnerable and sensitive, so it is more susceptible to being affected by the above chemical compound, which aggravates skin irritation. 


To create costumes being colorful, eye-catching, and have good color stability with low production costs, not only Vietnamese businesses but also many major fashion brands in the world are using Azo dyes (potentially carcinogenic chemicals) in manufacturing. 


Some Azo dyes decompose during use and release aromatic amines, which are easily absorbed when in contact with the skin (especially when the body has sweat), cause damage to human DNA, and causes cancers in human, particularly bladder and liver cancer. Besides, some research has also shown that they are linked to breast cancer. 
Clothes are things that are in contact with skin 24/7, especially with children's delicate and sensitive skin that is very susceptible to being affected by toxic agents on clothes. In case of long-term exposure, harmful chemicals will seriously affect child health. When choosing clothes for your child, don't just focus on the look of the outfit; find clothes achieving safety certifications to ensure that the outfit is safe and won't harm your child. 
BU Baby's products are tested on 100 criteria by the Hohenstein Institute Germany according to the world's leading OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Hop Quy Vietnam so that BU Baby's products are absolutely safe for newborns and babies. 
Credit: Dan Sinh
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